KNIME Fall Summit 2020

Automated Risk Assessment and Using Guided Analytics for Complex Simulation Scenarios for Risk Toxicologists Experts

Speakers: Danilo Nato (BASF), Roberto Caffaor (HupData), Moderator: Cynthia Padilla (KNIME)

How a smaller business (Hupdata) was able to help a large company (BASF Brazil) reach their goals. A new regulatory law in Brazil aims to protect the dangers of exposure to agrochemicals.

  • Requirements: 1) Build a RIM (Regulatory Information Management) platform to have all the data in a single location ready to be analyzed. 2) Calculate the risk assessment over 116 BASF products and visualize results interactively to enable risk toxicology experts to see results
  • Challenges: Authorization in an integrated solutions architecture has serious authentication challenges!
  • Set-up: KNIME + WebPortal + Guided Analytics + Tableau
  • Results: Risk toxicology experts are empowered with technology, saving thousands of hours of work; all numbers are crunched into automated reports. And the solution is scalable. Global roll-out is planned for Europe, Asia and North America.

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