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The difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Feature and Deep Learning.

  • ArtificialIntelligence – is an intelligent system, capable of performing activities normally associated with the human capabilities of intelligence. e.g.: An on-board computer of a vehicle which is able to park the car without the help of a human being. #
  • MachineLearning- is a subdivision of AI, where systems have the ability to learn and perform predictions through processing algorithms and statistical models based on historical data. e.g.: Anomaly detection predictive system.
  • FeatureLearning or RepresentationLearning is a set of techniques that allow automating the characterization of factors, class or an event. e.g.: Characterize the representation of a person’s voice, to differentiate it from other noises and to subsidize ML process.
  • DeepLearning – involves the use of neural networks to mimic the ability to recognize patterns of the human brain, through the use of processing many layers of predictive algorithms. e.g.: Image Recognition System.

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