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KNIME Analytics 3.6 já está disponível!

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whats new in the KNIME Analytics 3.6


We’ve just released the latest version, KNIME Analytics 3.6, and here’s a quick summary of what’s new.

There are enhancements to our deep learning integrations, added support for H2O Sparkling Water.

There is also many utility nodes including a multi column dictionary tagger and a numeric outlier node, a powerful multi column expression node, nodes to handle your Git repositories, and many more

Along with this, many UI improvements have been made – including connecting or unconnecting nodes with keyboard shortcuts, zooming, and easy node replacement.

One neat little addition is a node that allows you to create a local, fully functional big data environment from within a KNIME workflow, including Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Apache Hadoop.

You can now try out the Big Data Extensions without the need for an Apache Hadoop cluster. Additionally, we added support for Apache Spark 2.3.

On the KNIME Server side, we’ve added a number of new features as well, most notably an option that makes it easier for IT operations to centrally manage KNIME Analytics Platform preferences.

One of the highlights of this release is the new KNIME Hub – a place for the community to share workflows and browse all our existing example workflows. We have also added the ability to comment and rate workflows making it easier to find the highlights.

All the release details are summarized here, as well as in the more detailed changelog.

We’ve also put a video together, highlighting lots of the new features. But really, the best way to check it out is by trying it for yourself.

Open KNIME and go to File -> Update KNIME to get the latest version, or download and install it from here.

We are the Hupdata official knime partner in Brazil.

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